Top Rated Connecticut Restaurants

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Connecticut is a state in the United States. It has a humid continental climate and a humid subtropical climate. Connecticut is bordered on the west by New York, on the south by Long Island Sound, and on the east by Rhode Island, on the north by Massachusetts. Apart from all this, Connecticut offers a variety of dining choices, with superb Northeastern cuisine. Of course, some of the top restaurants in Connecticut have been there for decades which make them a staple within the communities.

For your benefits, we have check out top rated Connecticut restaurants.

1. Bacco’s Ristorante

Bacco’s Ristorante has a long-standing history of about 83 years in Waterbury’s; it serves people traditional, authentic Italian. The restaurant is managed by the Bacco family and offers the chance to sample secret family recipes; pizzas loved by many and sauces for it regular customers. To step up their menu game, Bacco’s offers a superb wine list and different daily features along with their famous pizza. As a result, they combine their Italian flavors ranging from beef, chicken, veal, pizzas, and seafood with warm and loving service.

2. Union League Café

This restaurant offers wonderful choices in contemporary French cuisine and is located in New Haven, Connecticut. All of the restaurant decoration and dishes are reflected and inspired by fine dining in France. Their menu encompasses dishes like the classical French cooking married with dining options, and all of the ingredients are local and organic.

3. Italia Mia

This restaurant is opened in 1983 and is a family owned and run restaurant. This is the perfect spot to find genuine and memorable Italian dishes. All of the food that is served here is prepared with top-notch recipes passed down from generation to generation. The homemade lasagna here in this restaurant has made them many people favorites. On top of that, it is genuinely affordably priced for authentic Italian dining!

4. Diorio

Are you looking for a place to sample traditional Northern Italian Nouvelle cuisine? Then Diorio which is one of the oldest restaurants in Connecticut is the perfect place to. They serve specific genre of food that you can’t easily find anywhere else. The restaurant was opened in the early 1920s by founder Rocco Diorio. Meanwhile, the restaurant was shut down in the 80’s for some renovation in the 1980s and reopened 11 years after, coming with fine interior adjustments. However, since its restoration, the restaurant has been the perfect spot for many and praised for its unique and flawless style.

5. Old Heidelberg German Restaurant

If you are looking for cuisine with an authentic German influence in a relaxing atmosphere, this is the place. The restaurant also has live music on the weekends, monthly festivals, and the annual Oktoberfest.

As you can see, with all of these delicious dining choices, it is hard to know where to begin when eating out in Connecticut!

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